Benson Wood Products




Our typical homeowner/customer will often find them-selves wanting to remodel or put an addition onto their home, but are unable to find a source for mouldings that match what they currently have. Your local lumber yard or big box home center only sells a small selection of the most common mouldings, and if you own an older home, finding an exact match for your existing casing, base, crown moulding, etc., can be almost impossible.

At Benson Wood Products, we specialize in making custom wood mouldings that will exactly match your needs. With nothing more than a small sample, we will make the necessary tooling at our facility and run as much moulding as you need in any wood species available. Maintaining the architectural integrity of your home is important, and Benson Wood Products specializes in recreating period mouldings so that you can do just that. Contact us today and find out how Benson Wood Products can help you.