Benson Wood Products


Benson Wood Products, Inc. was established in 1991. Over the past decade a well deserved reputation has been molded through Andrew Benson’s dedication to fine craftsmanship. His attention to detail is passed on to the fine team he has assembled. Every part of The Benson Wood Products team is another set of eyes inspecting and ensuring that only the highest quality standards are consistently adhered to.

From the selection of high quality lumber to the finish sanding of our products each step is carefully monitored by our professional and conscientious staff. This method of production is why our valued customers regard Benson Wood Products as a preferred vendor for their construction needs.
Properly seasoned lumber is visually inspected and ripped to yield defect-free product downline. At the same time profile templates are computer designed and precision cut to exacting specifications – the shop tolerance on all specified dimensions is ten one thousandths of an inch.

Custom templates can be created to match any profile sample. The profile is thinly crosscut, encased in bonding material, scanned and converted into an AutoCadĀ® drawing. Then it is imported into the template cutting machine’s computer interface for cutting.

The template is used to create the profile through grinding of the knife blade. The blades are cut from high quality carbon steel and ground to a razor’s edge. During the course of milling a given profile it may be necessary to re-hone the edges of the blades several times to maintain a perfect profile extrusion free of defects.

There are typically four or five cutter head cylinders that house the finished blades.

The cutter heads are then placed onto drive shafts and tightened down. Various pressure shoes (plates) and guides can be used to ensure a smooth flow of the wood as it is fed by metal and rubber wheels through the moulding machine. Smooth flow, sharp blades and proper pressure settings yield consistently smooth mouldings free of “waves” or “ripples” often associated with the “fast food” millwork sold in several national stores.

Proper mechanical set-up of the moulder is augmented by precision electronic controls that distinguish measurements to one thousandth of an inch. The operator knows to run most mouldings slightly over measurement to allow for finish sanding to tolerance levels of specified dimensions. Each of the 5 heads are controlled independently, as is the feed table elevation.

The profile is measured by hand with digital calipers to ensure specifications are exact. Sometimes miles of lineal board feet will pass through the moulder, but every single foot is inspected and defected (cut defects out with a chop saw) and/or culled-out if the given length isn’t sufficient.

Although the most modern equipment is used at Benson Wood Products it is the “hands-on” aspect of our production process that distinguishes our products from the crowd. Multiple checks are built into the manufacturing process to ensure that nothing less than perfection is shipped.

Having been defected the moulding is finish sanded at 150 grit. Here again is a another, final quality control checkpoint – any moulding that might have gotten this far with a defect is culled-out and not shipped.

After all this the product is measured to ensure that the yield matches the production order. The product is carefully wrapped for shipment. The nature of the product, how it will be handled and where it will be shipped are taken into account to package it in a way that will prevent damage during transit if handled properly.

Custom Moulding & Architectural Millwork:

  • Crown Moulding
  • Casing
  • Chair Rail
  • Baseboard
  • Paneling
  • Flooring
  • Stair Parts
  • Miscellaneous Mouldings
  • Curved/Arched Mouldings
CNC Routing:

  • Custom Machined Wood Parts
  • Wood Table and Bar Tops
  • Stair Stringers
  • Custom Laser Engraving also available!

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